Custom Clip Order

When purchasing something unique, especially when doing so for the first time you will need some helpful guidance. Here is some for you to go through,

  • stay within FemDom regarding your fantasy
  • keep it real when it comes to describing looks like My outfit and such
  • remember that fantasy knows no limits, yet you want to give Me something, some idea I can work with
  • always stay humble
  • understand that not all fetishes are to My likes, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking 

There are just a few more things to know before you submit your request;

  • a custom is made only for you, will not be published elsewhere which makes it exclusive
  • purchase can be fulfilled either by PayPal or Payment Request (Betaalverzoek)
  • your order stands after payment completion and will be delivered within a maximum of 14 days
  • after agreement has been made, no changes can be made or suggested
  • if you are in violation of the Terms of Service of this site, the responsibility lays solely on you


Click the image to send Me your customized order or just click here.

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