General Terms and Conditions

Simply put and clear to understand;

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors and customers alike, regardless of their destination, ethnicity or whereabouts. Also, all visitors and customers of this Website that these General Terms and Conditions apply are of legal age and are acting and interacting with this Website in areas/ countries where to view explicit content is not prohibited by Law.

  1. Subtiel is part of MB Businesses, registered at the Chambers of Commerce 72108215, VAT NL002449382B49 and is located at Strevelsweg 700-303 3083AS Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Owner and Entrepreneur H V Sipos
  3. Contact Information e-mail address at postbox at Strevelsweg 700-303 3083AS Rotterdam Unit G7876 The Netherlands addressed to MB Businesses
  4. Order and Purchase; after you've placed an order your goods will be shipped to you in the shortest period of time but no later than 30 days.
  5. Returning items; you have 14 days (from the day that the parcel has reached you) to make up your mind whether or not you'd like to keep your goods that has been delivered to you on your request. If for any of the reasons one might have you choose to return products, you may do so with items that you have ordered from Store, you cannot however return orders that have been purchased from Exclusive Items. To return any of your order or the entire order, you will first have to contact Subtiel through e-mail at you'll be then provided with a form to fill in which you'll need to attach to your parcel you'd like to return. you will receive as well information and a step by step guide on how to return and on where to return the parcel. Additional costs may apply when returning parcel. Costs are always for the customer. The Website provides adequate and accurate information on how to do your shopping as pleasant as possible, therefor customers are responsible to follow protocol. To return your order(s) however you must comply with a few conditions, that are to name a few; articles are in the original packaging, sealed and not damaged, so they can be re-stocked and sold to another customer. When customers doesn't comply with these conditions, parcels partly or even entirely may be rejected and returned to the customer. Additional costs may apply.
  6. Warranty; all products are pre-checked and tested by the manufacturer before they are shipped to the customer, unfortunately it can sometimes still go wrong. you always have your factory warranty depending on your product you have purchased, however the period of time of these warranties and of course as well to what they cover may differ. All products come sealed and safe, with a manual to describe the necessary details might you ever need to contact Subtiel to help you fix any issue between you and the manufacturer. Also applies, if you find your item defect or not working, damaged in a way that has been caused most likely by transport, please do always take immediate action by first contacting Subtiel through e-mail provided in this General Terms and Conditions. There are also exceptions to warranty. If you for example ( intentionally ) damaged the product yourself, by not using the product accurately and in a way it was designed to be used you'll loose any right to dispute and your item, after inspection will be shipped back to you and you will fail to get a refund. In all other cases where there is no suspecting of intentional damage you will be provided with a choice, to have your item replaced with a new one or to be refunded. If you choose refund additional costs that may occur, like shipment and administration wil be first deducted from your balance and the rest of the amount will be restituted on the same way as you've fulfilled payment. PaySafecard customers alike.
  7. Exceptions for Return; even if you have placed an order in the Store there are just a few type of products that are exceptions due to hygiene and thereof not part of the 14 day return policy; are for example underwear and intimate sex toys even the sealing is intact and in original packaging. 
  8. Additional Charges; might occur when returning your goods due to distancing yourself from your purchase or returning goods due to self implicated and intended damaging of them. When inspection comes to that conclusion and item(s) must be shipped back to you including transportation of returned articles depending on destination and local delivery charges, plus a one time administration costs of €25,-- 


These Terms and Conditions apply in all areas, regardless of the destination that articles need to be delivered to.