Why Subtiel

Subtiel was born to make a difference, with an innovative approach stands for trust and loyalty. 
As a Pro-Domme back in the days I have met with a lot of gentlemen, people from all walks of lives. One thing though you all had in common... Perhaps not you, but lots of the people I have worked with, trained into an obedient servant or simply given them the reality check they so badly needed, all these people were afraid for one thing; their privacy. 
The humiliation and emasculation that they were all facing if their dirty little secrets would have come to light, they couldn't bare the thought of it.
Subtiel was meant to invite gents from the upper class, the high end business men somewhere in the south of the Netherlands. For different reasons this plan came to die before it could have been born. 
And then it hit me, why wouldn't I be able to create something as alluring as I was aiming for in the first place.
After many years of research and listening to those needs it has finally come together. Subtiel is most certainly My masterpiece. I couldn't have been more proud to have built the most unique online, fetish dungeon, where like-minded people can hop in for a visit, make their purchase even more seducing, by not only handpicking one of the many exquisite implements that Subtiel presents, but also My worn garments or high heels, with the touch of My favorite fragrance, carefully wrapped in silky paper, sealed with My monogram and sent to you in a blanco envelope. 
Subtiel offers the most unique and outstanding experience for any fetishist out there.